Paul Wright Appointed Director

Staff photo of Paul holding large sheet metal fabricated part

Paul Wright Appointed Director

Paul Wright appointed Director of sister companies GSM Valtech and GSM Graphic Arts

Back in 1986 Paul started his GSM journey at Graphic Arts as an apprentice engineer. As the years passed he progressed to a team leader, then to operations manager which saw Paul seconded to the newly acquired Valtech (formerly Farnells). 2005 saw Paul become general manager of Valtech and in 2010 General manager of both ‘sister’ companies GSM Valtech and GSM Graphic Arts.
Paul’s loyalty and dedication now sees him appointed as Director of GSM Valtech and GSM Graphic Arts.

Barry Dodd, Founder and Chairman of the GSM Group said of Pauls’ appointment: ‘Paul is a superb strategic thinker and a natural ‘people person’. The wonderful team culture we have developed over many years at GSM is safe in his hands. I am confident that he will lead GSM to continued growth and success.’

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