Sheet Metal Enclosure

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Sheet Metal Enclosures

Mechanically Assembled Enclosure
Rack Enclosure
Lighting Control Desk

GSM Valtech specialises in the design and manufacture of sheet metal enclosures ranging from 19" rack enclosures and electrical enclosures to large audio mixing desks including electro mechanical assembly when required.

We can help with your sheet metal enclosure design and for added visual effect, we can incorporate, graphic panels, graphic overlays or membrane keypads as a worthwhile option. If you want a more modular concept, aluminium extrusions can be used to form the metal enclosure frame.

Typical products include:

  • 19" rack enclosures
  • Amplifier enclosures
  • Broadcast desks 
  • Power supply enclosures
  • Instrument enclosures
  • Audio mixing desks 
  • Control cabinets  
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Sheet metal boxes

We are a sub-contract manufacturing company and can offer custom metal enclosures for almost every eventuality including stainless enclosures and aluminium enclosures.