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Powder Coating

Powder Coating
Powder coated breaker unit
Powder coated case

GSM Valtech has in-house powder coating, wet spray painting and iridite facilities

We have a conveyor fed system incorporating three powder booths and a wet spray booth.  The conveyor cycles the parts through the booths and the oven for optimum process time.

We currently powder coat and wet spray paint a number of different metals and plastic boxes.  We use a number of paint suppliers and paint systems and hold a good range of stock colours and finishes akin to the electronic enclosure market.

We also have an in-house iridite line for applying the chrome conversion coating to aluminium.  We currently use Alocrom 1200 and Alocrom 1000.  It can be used as a primer or as an electrically conductive coating to enhance the aluminium conductivity.  We have developed a technique to reduce streaks and give a consistency of colour for the alocrom 1200 and is therefore used as a finish for many sheet metal electrical parts.

For creating earth bonds, we have a number of different masking techniques dependant on the application and process required.