Environment and Sustainability

When it comes to Environmental impact and sustainability there are three areas to consider, the factory, the factory plus environmental cost of travel both business & individual commutes & the carbon embedded in our products.

Summary of some of the GSM Valtech Environmental Action Initiatives:

  • Zero landfill since 2000
  • All raw material waste is recycled.
  • All chemical waste is recycled by specialist contractors.
  • Currently we have 118kWh of on-site solar generation.
  • Any residual electricity purchase has been green since 2013.
  • Waste process heat used to partially heat the factory. This scheme is being extended with the design, manufacture and installation of an air-to-air heat exchanger on our paint shop curing oven during summer ‘23.
  • We only use 5251 grade aluminium unless otherwise stipulated by our customers, which has 88.6% recycled content and is fully recyclable.
  • All company cars are now either fully electric or plug in hybrid.
  • We are currently testing a development solar air heater to assist in heating the factory.
  • We’ve just moved over to a 4-day week to reduce utility consumption, reduce team member travelling & improve work-life balance.
  • Additional roof insulation added to the factory.
  • Auto shutdown on paint shop oven & compressors to reduce waste.
  • All lighting has been LED since 2010 with the factory being controlled via proximity sensors.

GSM Group Environmental Policy Statement – April 2021