Sheet Metal Welding Services

GSM Valtech has both manual and robotic welding capabilities.

We currently weld aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel materials as part of the manufacturing process for our sheet metal products. Our skilled welders have good grounding in MIG, TIG and spot welding on an array of sheet metal product types incorporating many material thicknesses.

The products we manufacture have high visual impact and therefore our welding is matched to this. Not only strong mechanically, welded joints are polished and cleaned where necessary to enhance visual appearance.

We also have a robotic welding cell capable of either TIG or MIG welding. The robot has the advantage of consistent repeatable welds with quicker process times and is able to weld complicated shapes and curves. We have adapted the cell to speedily weld rack enclosures up to 3U size without the need for a fixture. Fixtures are required to mount and hold jobs within the cell and these can be quite expensive to produce. The process therefore tends to suit medium to large volume work.