GSM Group reduces carbon footprint

GSM Group reduces carbon footprint

From Monday 5th June 2023, GSM Valtech will be moving to a 4 day working week and our operating hours will be Monday to Thursday, 7.30am to 5.30pm.

Following on from our recent investment in solar panels and battery storage this will help to achieve further energy savings from our production processes, many of which need to run continuously. Therefore, by reducing the working week to 4 days these lines can be shut down a day earlier, significantly reducing energy consumption.

However, production capacity will not be reduced as we will be working longer days and have the option to run a night shift in order to increase capacity as required.

Our team members will continue to work a 38 hour week over the 4 days with the advantage that their travelling to work will be reduced, providing a positive for them as well as the environment!

The decision to move to a 4 day working week has been carefully considered and follows a recent 6 month trial involving 61 companies across the country. Following this trial over 90% of the companies taking part have opted to continue working a 4 day week.

We will be monitoring this to ensure a high level of customer service is maintained and that delivery expectations are met, however should you have any concerns or comments regarding this please share them with us by emailing or speak with your Customer Account Manager.


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