Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering

We are so proud of our apprentices! We currently have several female apprentices here at GSM and they are absolutely smashing their courses! In fact two of them have been put forward for awards! This is Charlotte our welding and fabrication apprentice doing what she does best!

Speaking to Leeds City College Charlotte Said:

“Just because you’re female it doesn’t mean you can’t do it!”

This is something that Charlotte wants other women to know.

“A friend told me I wouldn’t make it in trade, so when I left school I pursued animal care. I came back to welding years later and found the sector very supportive – people don’t hesitate to help and train you.”

Based at GSM VALTECH INDUSTRIES LIMITED, Charlotte also thinks age shouldn’t be a hindrance when it comes to following your dreams. “Apprenticeships are a great way to learn whatever it is you’re interested in. I’m 24 – you’re never too old to start again.”

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